Down the home stretch

So it's been a bit over 2 years since my wife Elizabeth and I started this journey to create a CD. We are very close to releasing our debut album, "Elizabeth's Dream". We've met some great people along the way who have been very supportive in our efforts and others whom we have not yet met but were a part of the project with their outstanding contributed talents. In chronological order they are:

Carmen Stone
Paula Telander
James Gardiner
Brian Collier
Troy Lampkins

Robert Damper
Victor Little
Orlando Williams

Marc Van Wageningen
Ray Obiedo
David K. Mathews

Derek Rolando
David Belove
Robert Michielsen
Paul Brown
Jacqui Brown
Alex Brown
Lew Laing
Lee Thornburg
Greg Vail
Dee Cole
Brittani Cole
Emanuel Wells
Roberto Vally
Nancy Yee-Chan
Larry Mah
Fenny Widjaja

As Paula once told us, "It takes a community to support an artist." and she was right.  Without the help and support of these individuals, this CD would still be a dream. Special thanks goes out to my daughter, Kerry Zuvella who tirelessly worked on the CD design and to Carmen Stone who came into our lives and shared her artwork JazzNtheCity featured on the album cover.  And finally, a special thanks to my wife Elizabeth, partner and best friend who has stood by me through this effort through the good and difficult times as we forged ahead to make "the dream" a reality.  One last mention, my sons Ethan and Wyatt for their honest critique and patience while they were subjected to hearing these songs over and over and over again.